UFO and Paranormal Phenomena: Message from Another Dimension
Check this out

This is great It's Educarional AND Entertaining

Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock
Jimi The God

Jimi is great, and this is the best performance I have ever seen. I was at woodstock, he was great, but the video captures him at his best. Any rock fan, young or old, will enjoy this video. Jimi shows in this video how his magic fingers do the walking. God of the guitar, this one is a must see.

Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates
I love this tape

I was looking for a tape on pilaties and when my favorite fitness guru put this new tape out i snached it up on the spot This video really works your abs out so much and it is alot more fun than crunches. Sometimes when i do it my heart rate gets up and i am sweating Suprising when you think that your are just lying on a mat but i swear you do sweatI recomend this tape to a friend and she absoulty loved it. A great tape for beginners who are new to pilaties. You dont need any special equipment that alot of pilaties moves require it is just simply a wonderful video.

Re-Animator (The Millennium Edition)

What more could you want in a horror film This one has it all, zombies, interesting characters, plot twists, awesome sets the morguehospital and the basement especially, great action scenes, and lots of gore including brain removal, eyeball burst-yuck, gut spillage, bone saw through a corpse, decapitation, etc torrent. This is such a classic, a must see Right up there with Return of the Living Dead, the Beyond, and Dead Alive which was inspired by this film. A really awesome ending too, this might just be the second best horror film ever after the Texas Chainsaw Massacre..

Champagne for Caesar
Absolutely Hysterical

If you love Vincent Price, and have a dry sense of humor, settle in. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see him use his sorely underused comedic talents

The Bad Seed
Inherited...yes Thank You

I wish I would've seen this before I had written a paper for my psychology class on Environment vs emule. Heredity. I've always been a firm believer that people are who they are mainly thanks to heredity, with the environment being mearly an influence.

That issue aside, this is a great film that was beyond its time for sure. The character development is exemplary, and it manages some genuine chills. All fans of psychological horror should familiarize themselves with this doozy and the likewise brilliant, slightly more disturbing "The Other.".

A Muppet Family Christmas
Ah, Sweet Yuletide Memories

For those who grew up with the Muppets and all of Jim Hensons marvelous characters, this Christmas special is the perfect one and guarenteed to please

Shaolin Hero

This is one to remember ed2k. The training is excellent. Two brothers are determing to master the shaolin iron finger to beat the taoist who is training in internal power..

I "second that emotion" ...

I agree with everything the guy from the Icefall said, and then some. Strange, cryptic films always appeal to me. Pure poetry.

Close to You - Remembering the Carpenters
Excellent excerpts of The Carpenters Music and TVs.

I have listened to the Carpenters since I was probably 14 or 15, now I am 26 - that is a long time. I was not even exposed to their music directly, but rather got drawn to it through a movie called The Karen Carpenter Story but strange I can't find that movie anywhere
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that having been a big fan of the duo for over ten years says something about the quality of their music. I have just seen this DVD and this has fulfilled my dream of seeing them performing live from their earliest days. Sure these are not complete music videos, but the story, interviews, footages the White House concert, etc. presented are a thrill to watch. Any of us can listen the Karen's music anytime on CDs, but seeing her live when she was alive and well is priceless. And oh, that hauntingly, angelically beautiful voice
The thing I like most about the DVD is how it makes you love the Carpenters even more after watching it. Own it and you will fall in love with the Carpenters all over again.

Coming Out
The best

This has got to be the best gay film I've ever seen. I was completely thrown off by the acting these actors gave out. These guys give out academy award winning performances. In one scene where a guy tells another guy he is married you can see a single tear instantly fall from his eye. These people can cry like you wouldn't believe. And the best performance in the movie is from an old guy in a bar who talks about how he was thrown in a concentration camp for being gay. This film is absolutely brilliant and should be seen by everyone.

National Lampoon's Vacation (Full Screen Edition)
It is the funniest movie of the 80's.

Chevy Chase plays an halarious actor in this movie. By far his best. It has a great plot. The lines are great and to funny.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 - I Accuse My Parents
Are you happy with your work

"I accuse my parents" is an underrated MST. The film was intended to teach a message about booze and the effects it can have on your home life. The movie concernd Jimmy a young man in denial about his home life and rights a bogus essay potraying his home life as ideal to the standards of the time. Think of Jimmy as the white Jason Blair of his day. Jimmy meets night club moll Kitty and her mobster boyfriend Charles Blake. Jimmy divides his time between his shoe salesman job"A young al bundy" servoand the mob. Kitty's musical number's are hilarious in their awfulness and I liked the "annoncements" J&TB made during the songs. The sketches, they are art therapy where Joel analyses the robots, a dance scene wherein Gypsy sings Kitty's song Joel plays customers and Servo and Crow play waters, there is also a sketch where they try and figure out Jimmy's problems. The last sketch is great you have to see the movie to get it but it is really funny. The short is a disturbingly cheerful look at DDT and Mexican laborers. A great buy for any MSTie.

Rush Hour (New Line Platinum Series)
One of the Best Jackie Chan films I have ever seen.

Rush Hour is one of Jackie Chan's best He is so great as Inspector Lee. And Chris Tucker is so funny as James Carter. The Action sequences and fights are so good. Especially the fight in the bar. It gets so funny every minute, you'll want to watch it again after the first time. Watch the final fight in the movie. It gets funny by the minute. I give it 5 out of 5.

The Adventures of Robin Hood (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Splits the Arrow

Must have seen this movie first in about 1944 or 45. I remember the Merry Men falling off the trees on top of the Norman thugs, and knocking them to the ground; also the bobbing tin hat in the final punch-up being removed, to collect a nice thwack from a merry mace; and the thin, sneering features of the evil Sir Guy. Have seen it many times since then, of course, and now I've got this terrific dvd I'll see it many times in the future. It is possible to criticise this film, but any fault-finding would be completely pointless. Forget it, this is the best there is or ever will be. Gee, I wish I could be Errol Flynn. Even the name swashes with buckle. Was that really Basil Rathbone's real name It positively seethes with dastardness. What man wouldn't dream of melting within those soft, sweet contours of ultra-beautiful Olivia This is a film that glows with the kind of political correctness that will always matter, not the piles of garbage that are served up today.

Kathy Smith - Timesaver Cardio Fat Burner
Very high energy

I really like this routine. It is very high energy, gets your heart pumping. I am always sweaty afterwards. One of the best things about this routine is that it can be done in a small area. Not much moving outside a large box. I think the cueing is great and the music is fun. The people in the back ground are not as bad as some "mechanical people" in other videos. They all have on different outfits, which is nice. There is no beginning warm up, that is just something that I do on my own. For a beginner, just learning to work out, that is not good. You should learn about form and technique. The 7 minute strech at the end is wonderful. Very relaxing. The lullaby music in this segment is calming. Nice way to end the workout.I am not a fan of Kathy, but I really enjoy this workout.

"The Devil Went Down to Georgia" on guitar

...Crossroads is the story of aspiring Blues guitarist, and current classicalguitar student at the Julliard School of Music, Eugene Martone. Eugeneworships the blues and is constantly getting in trouble for this with his,
more learned, teachers. Through a lot of research Eugene finds that agenuine Blues Harp harmonica man has been put in the local prisonhospital. With a bit of subterfuge Eugene is able to get a job there and meetsWillie Brown who initially wants nothing to do with this young pup. FinallyWillie sees a use for this boy and agrees to teach him the lost music oflegend, Robert Johnson, in exchange for Eugene busting him out of thehospital and taking him down to his home in Mississippi.Eugene reluctantly does this and then much to his horror finds thatthey don't have the money necessary to get them to Mississippi. Williescoffs at Eugene's protests and states that if he is really a blues man thenthey will have no problems hoboing across country. They do this and at firstEugene is horrified especially at the lack of food and the lack ofshelter...and the occasional death threats. But after he begins to feel themusic course through his soul and learns about love on the road he begins toappreciate hoboing and old Willie more and more.Finally they reach Mississippi and Willie begins asking if anyoneknows about the crossroads because he has to meet someone there. All alonghe keeps putting off Eugene about the lost songs of Robert Johnson. Williefinally tells Eugene the reason they are going to the crossroads is that hehas to meet a man that he long ago made a deal with...a deal for his soul inexchange for the music. Eugene blows up at this and accusing the old man ofrunning scam after scam on him.When a black car appears out of nowhere and the two are transportedto a raucous dance hall, Eugene shuts up. Willie pleads his case to anotherold man that shows up and is told no deal. Eugene, being young anddisbelieving, steps in on Willie's side and is suddenly facing a choice. Hecan participate in a "Head-Cutting" contest, a little see if you can topthis musical contest, with the hard rock guitar playing wild-man that isthere. If he wins, Willie is free. If he looses...both their souls areforfeit. Walter Hill has to have a love of music in his soul. He directs thismovie with the slow easy feeling of the Blues running through the majorityof it yet also knows when to kick in the hard edge of rock to move the pacealong. His visuals in the South bring back memories of magnolia, kudzu, anda sleeper time of life.Ralph Macchio plays the cynical Eugene perfectly. We have seen him
more than once as the New Yorker thrown into the South and he manages thefish out of water context perfectly. He also manages to fake playing theguitar well enough when it is focused on him that it isn't insulting tomusicians watching the piece.Obviously though, the key here is the music. Ry Cooder isresponsible for the majority of the score and it would be harder to find amore accomplished guitarist. He knows the blues and can switch into theclassical styling with no threat to the continuity of the performance. TheDevil's guitarist is played by rock legend, Steve Vai. The duel betweenSteve and a Ry Cooder influenced Eugene is a treat for the ears. It comesacross as a visual "Devil went down Georgia" and shows both the agony andecstasy that music can bring to people. I strongly recommend this one.

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